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Riding the Freway Buffalo on the road, you will also be a visual beast in others�eyes.

To be high-profile


Challenging the unknown

Toughness: Conquering the Latitude

With 350W rear-wheel-drive motor, the Buffalo Collection boasts great enhance of efficiency by 40%. With the FVS smart control system, it brings the cyclist a safe, smooth and smart cycling experience by monitoring the battery,optimizing the electric energy conversion and smoothing the accelerating curve of the motor.

Durability of Cell : Great Views Ahead

With 40 Tesla-level lithium batteries, the advanced BMS system of the Buffalo Collection releases 10Ah electric power, an increase of 100% than that of Freway VR-01. With a double increase of power-boost cycling miles, you will ride further with more fun.

Innovated power battery

Great Design and Delicate Details

With the Integrated design, the Buffalo Collection boasts an increase of 20% of durability of the eBike body and an increase of 30% of anti-deformability. With special components collections, we try to give you the best cycling experience.


Know bike, know you

Smart Sensor + App: Know You Well

With the smart sensors inside, the Buffalo Collection lets you know everything about your eBike and your health by providing information of the eBike components, the cycling environment and your health data through the Freway App.

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Outdoor Workstation: Support You Better

Through the special “Outdoor Workstation�which provides lightening, first aid, recharging and etc, the Buffalo Collection provides all-inclusive service to your riding journey.

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