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FVS-Freway Vigor System

We believe the Freway Vigor System will provide awesome power and performance to your eBike. Freway will become the smart way for you to enjoy traveling to work or for fun. You can enjoy the smart power and save time and make cycling more enjoyable.

  • Innovative FVS
  • 100% Batteries Pack lasts to 40 miles
  • Full Recharge Time around 2.6 hours

Dynamic Load Balance Technology

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Battery Capacity and usage Reporting

  • Intelligent battery control

    Real-time charging and discharging monitor ensures accuracy to 1%

  • Real-time battery capacity

    Warnings will be pushed when battery has 5% capacity remaining

  • Auto-switching system when out of power

    Auto-switching system when out of power

Dynamic Stable Discharging

  • Monitor the discharging status

    Freway applies the latest BMS to monitor each battery discharging status, and the smart controller of FVS starts running when anything abnormal happens.

  • Stabilize discharging current

    The outstanding feature of DSD is to stabilize the battery discharging current when you are cycling, and make your eBike acceleration more smooth.